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Schools Programme

Lochlan’s Legacy aim to raise awareness and understanding of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), breakdown barriers, reduce stigma, promote youth voice and build a community to support those living with this condition.

Our Raising Awareness and Understanding of Type 1 Diabetes School Programme is offered for FREE to schools.

Class or assembly sessions will be delivered over a 4-6 week block, depending on school availability and will cover:

  • What Type 1 Diabetes is

  • Signs and Symptoms of undiagnosed T1D

  • Fun activities

  • The reading of The Adventures of Captain Lantus story books

The activities are aimed at early, first and second level and will consolidate information delivered from information given and what they hear from Captain Lantus.

We will ask learners to create an awareness poster and design their own T1D Superhero.  The best designs will win prizes and we aim to give a prize for each class (depending on funding).

Sessions will be 30 minutes and classes can be grouped together to maximise participation.

Assemblies will be fully hosted by Lochlan’s Legacy representee and learners will be asked to complete follow up tasks in class if teacher has the availability within their daily plans to do so.  We will also offer the poster and superhero competition in this format.


What we need from you?

Provide a suitable space for sessions to take place, access to smart board and to allow additional time (if required) to complete activities and tasks out with sessions.


How can you support Lochlan’s Legacy?

  • Continuing on the superhero theme, you could host a superhero day in which the young people come dressed as a superhero of choice and make a donation to our charity

  • You could host a Go Blue Day, again asking for a donation from the young people to wear something blue for the day

  • Or simply give a donation of your choice

Please note, we do not expect you to do this but every little helps us as a small charity to continue to provide the services we do to our communities.

Arrange a visit from Lochlan’s Legacy through the form below:

Schools Programme Form

Thanks for contacting Lochlan's Legacy! We'll get back to you soon.

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