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Prime Minister is proud of Cumnock school boy's journey

Former Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her pride in meeting 10-year-old Cumnock schoolboy Lochlan Murdoch during his visit to 10 Downing Street. Lochlan, chosen as a child ambassador for the diabetes charity JDRF, raised thousands for type 1 diabetes and mental health through a stadium marathon. The ambitious marathon took him to iconic football parks across Scotland, from Cumnock to Ibrox and Celtic Park.

Inspired by his own struggles with type 1 diabetes and depression, Lochlan's dedication earned him the opportunity to represent his condition at Downing Street. Meeting Theresa May, who also suffers from diabetes, Lochlan proudly shared his story, showcasing his Kilmarnock tartan kilt and Cumnock Juniors pin. May commended Lochlan as a "wonderful little boy" and engaged with him and other kids who face similar challenges on a daily basis.

During the visit, Lochlan attended a conference to raise awareness for diabetes and find a cure. May's recognition and genuine interest in the children's achievements left a heartwarming impact. Lochlan's mother, Lesley Murdoch, shared the positive experience of meeting people from all over the country who knew Lochlan and appreciated his remarkable achievements. The visit also included a delightful detour to Harry Potter World and iconic London landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace.

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